They say some people are naturally born luckier than others. You may have a friend who always wins on scratch cards, a colleague who always gets promotion and praise at work even before time or a friend who scores the highest marks in every examination. Relatable, isn’t it? 

And you feel why aren’t you in their place? Well, some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time, receiving good fortune. But does that denote if luck truly exists or it’s only a matter of superstition?

 UK49s TeaTime Results may someday make you feel ‘’lucky’’. Wondering how?

Keep reading to know more. . . 

UK49s TeaTime Results: Who we are?

As the world’s leading and the most popular lotteries, the UK49s Teatime is played across the UK and South Africa since the beginning of the 1990s. 

Held in two draws, you can play the UK 49s Lottery every day. The Morning draw or Lunchtime Results and the Evening draw or Teatime Results.

Did you know what’s the best part about UK49s TeaTime Results? It is one of the most-played lotteries across all of the UK and South Africa and offers a win-win situation where you have the chance to win a hefty jackpot.

UK49s TeaTime Results: Who created Us?

Behind every successful game, there is a legendary creator. The uk 49s results lotto game is organized by 49s- a company in London, located in the UK.

If you’re a Lotto fan looking to play the next round of the Lotto Millionaire Raffle and win 1 million pounds. Let’s get you started. . .

UK 49s TeaTime Results: Playing at the Right Time and Cost

As they say, time and tide wait for none, if you’ve got the right time don’t wait but play. The UK49s Teatime Results 2022 usual Drawing time is 5:49 PM as per the UK time and month. However, for the rest of the year, the drawing time is set around 4:49 PM. 

Did you know you can Play uk 49 results at the most budget-friendly cost? Yes, that’s right! Each tea time and lunchtime bet cost £1 only and that makes the game so popular. 

UK49s TeaTime Results: The Winning Strategy

The uk49s results is a very simple yet interesting game to play. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow. All you need to know is are two methods to play the game depending on whether you play a six-ball draw or seven ball draw

In a six-ball draw, you need to select six numbers from 1 to 49. On the other hand, In a seven ball draw, you have to choose 6 numbers and one booster ball from the remaining pool of 43. Your target is to match all of your chosen numbers with those that appear in the lottery.

The options are ranged as Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5. You can either choose the numbers by yourself or ask for a Lucky Dip to randomly pick them for you.

If those numbers luckily match the winning numbers, then you will win a prize sum of 7 Pounds. Matching 2 winning numbers from the 6-number draw, the prize sum is 54 Pounds.

However, the winning sum for three matched numbers in a 6-Number Draw is approximately 601 Pounds while that in the 7-Number draw is 330 Pounds.

Similarly, in Teatime Results matching 4 numbers in a 6-number draw will fetch you a winning sum of 7200 Pounds while that in a 7-Number draw is 3800 Pounds.

Finally, if a bet matches 5 numbers from the Teatime Results for the 6-Number draw, the winning prize is approximately 125000 Pounds. As for the 7-Number draw, the winning prize is 40000 Pounds approximately.

Did you know how UK49s TeaTime Results are Predicted?

Lotto enthusiasts across the UK and South Africa not only love playing the UK49s Teatime Lottery game but they’re mad about winning it.

Do you why? That’s because there are numerous techniques to win the Teatime Lotto. 

Though none of these is 100% reliable, they offer lotto lovers like you the guidelines to improve your game strategy. So, let’s check out the guidelines below to know how the prediction works:

  • Nowadays, lotto players share different schemes and software. AI is one such software that makes better predictions. However, note that these can either put you on the right path or simply make you chase the tail of winning in circles.
  • Lottery is nothing but a mind game. So, we recommend you avoid any scheme of options or suggestions from your close friends or colleagues. Moreover, imitating tactics might not also work. It’s better to be a little strategic while making the predictions.
  • Most often lotto players choose their UK lotto numbers randomly. Random birth dates or death dates of celebrities etc are chosen as numbers. Such random picking is called a blind shot where you either make a big hit or miss a big hit. So, they’re either blissful or bizarre.
  • The result of choosing these numbers and remaining faithful to UK 49s predictions however does not affect the Teatime draw (evening result on UK 49s).
  • The only factor that works here is the ability to make a good choice of number combinations. Remember choosing odd combinations that 

your competitors may neglect usually generates you winning chances.

The Teatime Ball strategy: Hot Balls and Cold Balls

There are Hot and Cold balls in the UK 49s TeaTime Results lottery game. Well, they’re not hot and cold in the real sense of the term, but numbers that you choose to bet.

Teatime hot balls 

These are called Hot balls or numbers as they are drawn by the lotto machine more frequently than expected. In simple words, you can say they have appeared the greatest number of times during a given period. Thus, these numbers represent 4 individual bets increasing your winning chances in the teatime lottery game. However, remember that selections are based on single ball draw. 

Teatime Cold Balls 

If you’ve played the uk 49s results lottery, then you probably know that cold balls or cold numbers are those that have been rarely drawn in throughout teatime results history. To put it simply, cold balls must have appeared below average in the overall drawings.

Unable to find out uk 49s results today?

If you’ve purchased a UK 49s teatime Lottery Ticket lately but don’t know how to go about checking the uk 49s results today or the teatime Lucky Draw Winner List?  

Well, the uk49s teatime results live draw is exclusively published on various TV channels, newspapers, magazines, and our official website regularly. 

Now, to check the results follow the guidelines below: 

  • Visit any UK49s TeaTime Results website and scan for teatime results by entering the date on which you want to check the results. For instance, your screen will display Teatime Result 18.3.22 Lottery as an option. Simply click on the button.
  • A new page will display the UK 49s Lunchtime Results today. Here, you can check the Old, Live and Daily(today) teatime results in case you’ve missed out to check the uk49s teatime previous Lottery results.

It’s all about smart luck and right combination. . .

David J. Schwartz in his book The Magic of Thinking Big rightly said, “we don’t become successful simply through luck. Success comes from doing those things and mastering those principles that produce success.”. Did that ring a bell?

With a pinch of strategy and self-confidence and without imitating the opponent’s number combination, the jackpot is all yours. 

A recent survey conducted on the play rate of the lotto revealed that around 2/3 of the UK’s adult population are inclined to play the game regularly. 

Moreover, Teatime is the best option if you’re one of those busy lotto enthusiasts and have no time to participate in lunchtime. There are ample bookmakers within the UK. You can participate in the latest draw from any of these shops. 

Wondering how to participate if you aren’t based in UK? That’s no big deal since the uk 49s lotto tickets are available online. 

We have tried to broadly cover everything you need to know about uk teatime results. Try your luck today and you could win from anywhere in the world.


Still, have additional queries about uk 49s lotto? We’ve tried solving them for you.

Q. Can I play UK49s online?

There are various authorized bookmakers available online. You can buy tickets and play uk 49s teatime from anywhere across the globe.

Q. What time does Teatime Results draw? 

The second uk49s draw or ‘teatime’ draw takes place seven days a week from Monday to Sunday and is held in the evening slot at 05:49 PM (UK time).

Q. Is there any particular strategy to win UK 49s?

Usually, Hot balls are drawn the greatest number of times. While there are partial chances of winning the UK49s if you choose hot balls, we recommend you make a smart combination of both hot and cold balls. Additionally, you must keep an eye on the previous and upcoming draws regularly to increase your winning chances.

Q. Which are the most commonly known UK49s Hot and Cold Ball Numbers?

The most commonly known Uk49s hot and cold numbers are 19,20, 41, 13, 26, and 43.