As human beings, we’re well familiar with the fact that most of the greatest achievements in life are more worthy when they’re taken on the verge of a risk/challenge. 

Whether going up onstage to perform despite an inner stage fright or investing to start your business, challenges offer you some of life’s biggest and rewarding experiences to cherish for the rest of your life. Sounds relatable, isn’t it?

Remember the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln? He lost eight elections, failed twice in business, and suffered a nervous breakdown all before becoming one of the greatest American presidents the world ever knew. That’s what you call risk-taking which rewards you with some unexpected results.

So, are you ready to overcome the ”What if” factor and challenge your intuition to play the Russia Gosloto Results?

If yes, keep reading. . .

Russian Gosloto Results: Know Us!

Did you know that the Russian Gosloto is one of the leading Lotto’s to play in the whole of Europe and its unfathomable popularity is witnessed here in South Africa? 

All Russian lottos are run by an organization called Stoloto. So, amidst a few lottos organized by Gosloto, the most popular ones to play here in SA are the Gosloto 7-49, and Gosloto 6-45. Each day, Lotto players have the chance to try their luck and win the jackpot.

The stoloto company is a Russian based company which owns the Russian state-operated Gosloto lottery game. Operating for about more than 10 years now, the amazing fact is that their lottos have produced more than 25 new millionaires every single week.

Well, we know it’s hard to believe such an incredible achievement but more amazing is the fact that there are more than 350 000 winning tickets per day. 

Lottery winners are paid out more than two billion rubles every month that rounds to about 430 million Rand in South African Currency.

The Russian Goslotto uses modern technology to build its setup i.e., you can watch live draws, purchase tickets, access automated lottery draw machines, and communicate with the staff through multiple mediums, Telegram and online chat support via their website being one. Thus, such a systematized set up effectively eases the chances of victory in Russia Gosloto Results for players. 

Russian Gosloto 6/45 Draw: How to play the game?

The Russian Gosloto 6/45 is a Russian-based game which was introduced in November 2009 substituting the original Gosloto 5/40-where there are 45 possible combinations instead of 40, which means the odds of winning are increased. 

The 6/45 lottery game is designed to encourage people to play and is also known as morning and evening results in South Africa. This is because the lotto is played twice every day in 2 slots- Morning and Evening at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM respectively.

The Russia Gosloto Results is one of the most popular Russian lottery games. Here, as the name goes, you can play the game by predicting numbers between 6 and 45. 

To play the Gosloto 6/45 lotto read the instructions below:

  • As you can easily understand, the strategy of Goslotto 6/45 comes after its name. You need to choose 6 numbers in the range from 


  • Choose as many boards as you want to play to decide on how many draws you wish to enter. This escalates your chances of winning
  • Now finally purchase your entries here to check the 6/45 results on Russia Gosloto’s website.

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Russian Gosloto 7/49 Draw: How to Play the game?

The Russia Gosloto 7/49 draw is held 5 times per day in a week. There are draws throughout the day from the 10:30 morning result to the last of the day at 22:30 Moscow Standard Time. In this game a single ball set is used with each ball numbered between 1 and 49. 7 balls are drawn from the drum and you’re required to predict between the numbers 1 and 6 depending on what kind of bet you’d like to place.

Players in South Africa must note that when you play the Russia Gosloto, there is no option to bet on the bonus ball.

To play the gosloto 7/49 Lotto in South Africa, you need to purchase tickets either online or from reputed and authorized lotto retailers across the country.

Five draws are held each day at the following timings-10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 7:00 PM, and 10:00 PM. The cut-off time for each entry is 20 minutes before each draw.

To play the Gosloto 7/49 lotto read the instructions below:

  • As understood that the strategy of Gosloto 7/49 comes after its name, you will have to select 7 numbers ranging between 1 and 49.
  • Choose to play more than one board. This eventually escalates your chances of winning.
  • Note You’re free to select one or multiple draws.
  • Now Purchase your tickets and check your 7/49 results on the website.

The Gosloto Draws:  The Gosloto draws are played in two slots every day in a week. The slots are popularly categorised as:

Russian Gosloto Morning Results

The Russia Gosloto Morning results are played 7 days a week. The 6/45 Gosloto score is drawn at 11:00 p.m. (Moscow Standard Time) and 10:00 p.m. in South Africa. 

You can purchase a lottery ticket until 10:40 or 22:40 Moscow time. To check the results of Russia Gosloto, get the latest and daily updates, hop on to this site. We update all the information about the lottery results as soon as the winning numbers are confirmed.

Russian Gosloto Evening Results

The Russia Gosloto Evening Results lottery is drawn 7 days a week and twice a day. The evening draw for Russia takes place at 23:00 in Moscow and 22:00 in South Africa. 

Upon receiving the confirmation of the Gosloto results from the lottery office, the details of the Russian lottery draw are provided to our visitors as per the particular site timings every day.

Claim your Prize

Well, if you’re interested in playing Gosloto, you should know how and how much to win from Russian Gosloto results. Gosloto offers a minimum jackpot of 50 million rubles and another prize after matching 2 to 5 numbers correctly. Let’s walk you through the prize breakdown detail that you can see below.

  • Match 6 correct numbers to win 1 Prize of 8,145,060
  • Match 5 correct numbers to win 2 Prize of 34,808
  • Match 4 correct numbers to win 3 Prize of 733
  • Match 3 correct numbers to win 4 Prize of 45
  • Match only 2 correct numbers to win 5 prizes of 7

A game of the mind

A lottery is a mind game. All you need to win the game is just by believing in your intuition and framing your strategy.

Rest depends on being courageous enough to strike and risk it. Face the fear of uncertainty and forget about the outcome. You’ll either grow through the process to become more confident or it’s better luck the next time. 

But in either of the cases, your chances to improve and win the game becomes easy. 

Well, that was all about the Russia Gosloto Lottery. We’ve tried to cover every detail via this post. But you can always encourage us by leaving your feedback in the comments section to help us improve our service.


Have additional queries before opting for the challenge? Give a quick read below to clarify your doubts:

Q. How to Play Gosloto in Russia?

There are several ways to participate in the Gosloto game which is the Russian state lottery organized under the federal law of the country. There are 4 Gosloto draws. 

You can check the live results here.

Q. How can I buy Gosloto tickets in Russia?

Players can book their numbers at several bookmakers available from the list below:

  • Play Via SMS
  • Rostelecom PJSC’s offices
  • Euroset and Svyaznoy mobile phone stores
  • Russian Post offices
  • Baltbet betting offices
  • Balt-loto lottery chain
  • Stoloto’s retail PoS

Besides, the above-mentioned retailers who are the official Russian lottery members, you can also check out several other retailers to help you get tickets and book their numbers. 

However, ensure not to buy tickets other than the officially announced retailers or players cannot claim their winning prize.

Q. How can we get Gosloto result information?

Gosloto results are published on different TV channels, newspapers, magazines, and official websites. Keep checking to find Gosloto’s result updates on the website.

Q. Where can I claim my winning prize? 

You can claim the small winning prize from any authorized dealer for the jackpot while for the large amount you have to contact the main lottery office.