Most lotto enthusiasts believe that the only strategy behind striking the big and winning the game depends wholly on intuition. Well, you might also be one of them, and that’s if not entirely, at least partially true. That’s because the rest is all about the strategy you’ve built.

Once you buy a ticket three basic questions come to your mind: First which number should you choose to pick? Second Do you pick your ‘’lucky number’’? and third, you simply shuffle various blogs, and software that guarantees you a jackpot. Isn’t it?

But do these actually work? Well, that’s again debatable. 

So, while picking your digits, how do you know which one increases your chances of winning. It’s here when the Hot and Cold Balls strategy makes a grand entry.

The Ball strategy: Hot and Cold Balls

If you’re an ardent lotto enthusiast you’ve got the hint correct that the whole game depends upon your choice of numerals. 

So, let’s walk you through the ball strategy i.e., what and why are these called Hot and Cold Balls?

Hot Balls or Hot numbers are those that are drawn by the lotto machine more frequently than expected. Or, in simple words, you can say these numbers are more favoured by a lottery machine and they’ve appeared the greatest number of times during a given time period.

Cold Balls or Cold numbers on the other hand are those that have been drawn a few times in the overall drawings. To put it simply, these cold numbers must have appeared lately, but have been drawn below average in the overall drawings.

Hot and Cold Balls: The Working Strategy

By now, you’ve probably been wondering how a lotto machine favour a digit? Isn’t it? So, let’s answer that. . .

Analyzing these sets of numerals highly depends on the analysis of the past lottery results. This helps you to detect which numbers are being favoured by the machine and which accelerates your chances of winning.

You can either opt for Statistical analysis of winning the numbers yourself or a Frequency analysis which helps you detect the number of times a particular digit appeared the most within a stipulated time period without you actually doing the math per se! 

So, once you learn which digit falls in which category specific to the game, the past result analysis and a combination of these digits is sure to mark a win!

There’s still a “Why” factor at the back of your mind?

Of course, we can locate an invisible question mark right on your forehead! You must be wondering why can’t we simply stick to the digits that reckon the most to mark a win?

Well, the answer to that is we cannot detect or change the machine’s behaviour. Every lotto machine may stick to a specific way of operation yet can change anytime. So, what if you’ve been following a hot number strategy all this while? You may suddenly lose because the machine started favouring the cold digits.

A Change of Strategy 

While machine behaviour cannot be detected from time to time, you can definitely work on your strategy and improve your winning chances. So, the best and the safest way to hold your spot on the prize tier is by selecting a combination of both Hot and Cold Balls on your tickets.

We’ve tried to cover every aspect to help you strategize your next game and we wish you good luck for your next game.


We’re here with a few rounds of FAQs and you’re all good to go with your next game.

Q. What’s the Frequency Analysis Tool?

Frequency analysis is a tool that tests the frequency of a digit that has appeared in past drawings. In other words, if you choose your desired hot/cold number, the frequency tool calculates their frequency of appearance in the past lotto drawings. This technique is however not confined to lotteries only but is also used in food manufacturing and cryptanalysis. See how likely your numbers are with the tool!

Q. Is there any proof that Hot numbers are more likely to hit than Cold numbers?

Well, there is such a guarantee that hot balls are more likely to show up on the lotto machine than cold numbers. But if you still wish to follow a probability theory i.e., choosing either of the one strategies you can check out the last 35-50 spins. However, we recommend you make a combination choice to be on the safe side.

Q. Which is the best way to make a Ball choice?

 The best way to choose your balls is simply by blending your choice of digits. You can make a combination or blend of both hot and cold digits on your lottery. This will increase your winning chances.