If you’re a lotto enthusiast, have you ever questioned yourself or perhaps tried to figure out the psychology behind it? 

To be specific what drives you to spend about 10-15 seconds of irrational hope, or maybe the pleasure of thinking about what might happen next if you’d suddenly win millions of dollars within a second?

Some may call it “utter crazy. Is that even possible?” while some others may say “who knows perhaps it’s my lucky day!”.

France lotto results are one of Europe’s leading lottery games you’d try your luck on.

To know how it started and what is it all about keep reading. . .

France lotto results: Tracing back its roots

The eighteenth century is often known to mark the wheel of fortune witnessed the rise of permanent lotteries that eventually became a fixture in French life.

Lotteries made their way first to France in 1539 with François I approving the first legal lottery in France. Their popularity and success rose to heights only to become increasingly associated with the French monarchy with Loterie de l’École Militaire becoming the largest lottery Europe had ever known.

Gradually Lotteries became one of the most important resource generators during the French Revolution. It accounted for up to 7% of government revenue only to expand by and large in modern-day Europe.

In Europe today, France Lotto is one of the leading lotteries with three draws each week. This means you have three chances to win jackpots that can reach over R180 million (€10 million).

France lotto- Know the rules Play the game!

Every game has a certain set of rules to be followed while playing.

Relax! These rules aren’t meant to punish you or deduct your scores, but following them increase your chances of winning. Let’s check out the rules first:

France Lotto has a double matrix format. That means players must select 5 digits ranging from 1 to 49 and 1 digit ranging from 1 to 10

To win the jackpot for the respective drawing, players need to match all 8 of the digits.

Note: Game rules change with time. In the past, France Lotto rules exclusively confined the game to French residents only. However, the new time sets new rules. France Lotto is now open to players across the globe. 

If you’re a South African, American or Indian resident you have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful jackpots and additional prizes from France lotto. 

Tickets are available through online lottery agency platforms and you can play the game from the comfort of your home. 

Now that you’re familiar with the game rules, take a look at how to play the game:

  • First, France lotto is quick, fun and easy to play. To get started, you must simply select 5 digits ranging between

 1 and 49, and for the bonus ball, you have the second option to choose 1 digit between 1 and 10.

  • If you’ve correctly picked and all 8 balls match the lotto draw the jackpot is yours. 
  • Heads up, as with all lotteries, the jackpot is shared amongst players whose numbers match the France Lotto Draw.

France lotto results: The Hot and Cold Ball strategy

In France Lotto results, some numbers frequently appear on almost all drawings. These numbers are often referred to as Hot numbers because the probability of their appearance than any other numbers in any lottery, including the France lottery, is higher.

On the other hand, there are Cold numbers or the ones that have been drawn the least number of times in the last few draws. France Lotto cold numbers appear infrequently. 

So, while some lotto players choose either of the two specifically given the frequency of their reappearance is nothing but only a matter of time, others stay clear making a combination of both.

Prize Tiers and Odds of Winning the France Lotto

The France lotto results are based on a 5+1 format that makes it quite challenging to hit the jackpot, unlike any other lotteries. Match all the five prime numbers and the Chance number the France Lotto jackpot is all yours.

However, there are also nine other ways to win, and you are guaranteed a prize if you match the Chance number. Thus, giving you great odds of winning a prize in comparison with major worldwide and domestic lotteries.

During Christmas, Special Draws, known as Grand Loto de Noel draws are held to mark special occasions or key dates such as Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, Occasional or Special draws are also held outside the usual schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, to boost the jackpot to an advertisement.

What about the Prize Tier? There are 8 prize tiers, each tier with its specific odds. The odds of getting 5 correct numbers per drawing are 1 in 2,11,780 while winning with 4 correct numbers are 1 in 9,82. The overall odds to win any France Lotto prize is 1 in 5.99. 

The top prize starts at €2 million escalating by €1 million every time it’s not won. It can be rolled over a maximum of 34 times before the final win. 

In case there are no ‘Match 5 + Chance’ winners, the jackpot will be shared between players in the next highest division.

Did you know about the France Lotto Raffle?

Each time you buy a French Lotto ticket, you automatically enter into the France Lotto Raffle (exclusive to French residents). The France lotto raffle is one of three weekly draws where 10 lucky tickets will have a chance to win €20,000 in each draw

Winning tickets are based on a random nine-digit unique code of one letter and 8 numbers, like W 5223 1013. Ten winning codes are randomly selected in each draw. You receive €20,000 if your lotto ticket match one of the exact codes.

France lotto results history– What do you need to know?

Wondering why we’re discussing the historical roots of France lotto results, again? 

Pause for a second. Here, by France lotto results history, we mean viewing the previous draws of the lotto from the last 60 days.

Note: Draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night, and winning numbers are published shortly after. Once you’re on the page, you can view the draw history of the last 60 days. 

Know the France lotto results today

France Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in France. However, players should note that it is not a daily lottery. France lotto is scheduled only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday evenings at 20.35 CET. Additionally, unlike many other lotteries, the France Lottery only holds only one draw per day. 

Have you been waiting to check the results? We recommend you to visit the website every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at the aforesaid time of publishing. The home page displays the result of the day you’re checking. For example, if you’re checking the results on Wednesday the results will be displayed as “Latest Results and Winning Numbers Wednesday (Date)”. Similarly, the Results For Previous Draws will also be displayed. 

Enjoying France lotto results?

Since 1976, the French Lotto has been making millionaires and paying out non-jackpot awards to deserving players. 

One of the most basic reasons why people across the world are engrossed in the game is because of the prize money that France lotto results offer in one go if you win the jackpot. This acts as a magnetic force calling millions of people to try their luck.

So, if you’re one of those lotto enthusiasts wanting to make a big difference in your life France lotto warmly welcomes you. We hope following the guide above you’re confident enough by now to try your luck. 

We wish you all the very best. Keep commenting to help us improve our services.


Still, have Additional queries to better understand France lotto results? Here you go.

Q. Who operates France lotto results?

Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) operates Lottery games in France.

Q. Besides, France lotto results, Can I play any other lottery games in France?

Yes, apart from France lotto results, Keno and Euro Millions are two other French lotteries you can try your luck on.

Q. How much does a France Lotto ticket cost? Can I purchase it Online?

Yes, you can purchase a France lotto ticket online at the cost of €2.20 only.

Q. How much Prize Money is awarded if I win France Lotto?

The prize money of France lotto is EUR 2 million, which increases each time if not won by EUR 1 million. 

Q. What are the Days and Timings of France lotto draw?

The France Lotto drawings are generally held at 20.35 CET on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings respectively.