Who we are?

Lunchtimeresultz.com is an independent service website for lottery results across the world. 

Here we aim to give our visitors and lotto enthusiasts from the different nook and corners of the country and worldwide the following:

  • A Comprehensive list of updated lottery results every day
  • Detailed and accurate information about the various lotteries across the world. This include- 49s lunchtime and teatime lotto results, Russia Gosloto results, France lotto results and much more
  • A comprehensive prize layout and overview understanding to win these lotto games across the world.
  • On a regular schedule we list all the latest and correct winning numbers from lottery draws as soon as they’re released. 
  • These results and information displayed on our page are specific to educational and historical purposes. 
  • Note: we are not in any way affiliated with the officially UK49s company or any other popular lotto organisers in the country for that matter. 
  • Our system is developed to offer you free lotto generated numbers for 49’s Lunch results each day using a complex algorithm. Using this, we intend to train the imagination and guesses skills of our players.
  • We display a curated list of results for our gamers, to ensure that every gamer enjoys a unique experience on our website. The results are displayed in 2 formats:    

Homepage: The latest Lunchtime Results are updated on our homepage on a monthly basis. Upon the beginning of a new month, a previous Lunchtime results archives are automatically created. Gamers can easily navigate to the past month’s draw results as and when they want.

Daily Results: Our website displays two tabs on our menu labelled as lunchtime and teatime results. The results are categorized by month, date, and time. In addition, we also update hot and cold ball numbers daily for the next draw.

  • Our Results Verification team meticulously reviews every single winning number uploaded on the website, to ensure accurate and timely publication of information accurately on the website.

Our Journey via Our History

In November 1994 the National Lottery of the United Kingdom started to give players the chance to win prizes with the aim to transform their lives. It was in the aftermath of this that the UK Lotto initiated changes along with the addition of a lottery on Wednesdays from February 1997.

The system included a new set of 10 balls in the game in October 2015, along with the Lotto Millionaire Raffle that awards one million pounds to the winning player of each lotto draw. 

The next modifications were introduced in 2002 to invigorate sales. Following 2002, the United Kingdom draws a lotto lottery every weekday. However, the current draw sells about 31 million tickets per weekday, compared to Wednesday’s raffle sale of about 18 million.

However, Tesco- the leading ticket distributor in the United Kingdom confirmed that sales redoubled right after the implication of the modifications. Other significant changes were applied to the British Lottery on the fifth month of the weekday Gregorian calendar 2013. 

1994 marked the first UK National Lottery draw in the United Kingdom and Camelot was awarded the lottery franchise. 

Today, as per the BBC reports, the UK Lottery is one of Britain’s most successful millionaire-maker games and a mainstream television event held on Saturdays with an average weekly audience draw of 8.8 million.  

Our Noble Aim

28% from the sale of every lottery price ticket, 28% is donated for “noble causes”. Funds generated through the lottery go to the massive Lottery Fund, which supports numerous charities helping various native communities throughout the region.

To that end, we encourage lotto enthusiasts across the world to keep playing and supporting the noble cause we promote through this game.